Resolving TMJ Pain with Targeted Treatment

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Do You Have Chronic Jaw Pain?

If you suffer from frequent tenderness in your jaw, or popping and clicking when you open or close your mouth, you may have TMJ disorder. This disorder describes a variety of conditions that affect the temporomandibular joint (the point where the jaw opens and closes) and nerves, which can result in chronic jaw pain, jaw clicking, and other issues. If left untreated, TMJ symptoms can lead to debilitating pain and discomfort. Dr. Nicholas Shubin has the experience necessary to diagnose your TMJ and is skilled at providing custom, effective treatment aimed at resolving your discomfort.

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Common Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

Unfortunately, the exact cause of TMJ disorder is not fully understood. Some factors are related to an improper bite, injury, arthritis, severe stress, or a combination of factors. Clenching or grinding teeth, a condition called bruxism, may develop from stress or as part of a sleep disorder that can also lead to TMJ disorder. Any combination of these problems can tire muscles and create painful spasms. Repeated muscle problems may affect the joints, resulting in tissue damage, muscle tenderness, and more spasm, perpetuating a cycle of pain. This is why it is critical that you seek the care of a dentist like Dr. Shubin who is highly experienced and specially trained to diagnose and treat TMJ issues.

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Custom Treatment to Improve Comfort and Function

We only recommend treatment after conducting a thorough health history, clinical exam, taking appropriate X-rays, and confirming the condition through other diagnostic tests, if necessary. Depending on your unique diagnosis, treatments may include reshaping or restoration of certain teeth that may be contributing to the problem, mouthguards, and occlusal orthotics. In most cases, Dr. Shubin can skillfully treat symptoms related to TMJ disorders without needing to take extreme treatment measures, helping you reduce or eliminate your discomfort and improve your dental function!

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