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Are you nervous about having a root canal? While in the past root canals acquired a negative reputation, with today’s modern techniques and the skilled care of Dr. Nicholas Shubin, your root canal will be virtually painless and as simple as possible. Commonly, we can save your infected or abscessed tooth with this natural solution instead of opting for a tooth extraction. If you are experiencing tooth pain, don’t wait to receive treatment! Our root canals safely and effectively restore beautiful, healthy, and pain-free teeth that will function naturally for many years to come.

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What Is the Purpose of Root Canals?

The primary objective of root canal treatment is to save your natural tooth for many years by ending infection and pain. Removing the tooth and/or replacing it with a dental bridge or denture does not allow for the same level of dental health, comfort, and function as saving your natural tooth does. Not seeking treatment can lead to more serious problems as the bacteria spreads. Our root canals are simple procedures when completed by our experienced dentist, Dr. Shubin, resulting in an infection-free tooth and a decreased risk for biting and chewing problems and the possibility of shifting teeth.

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Our Root Canal Treatment

Root canals performed by Dr. Shubin involve the removal of diseased tissue located inside the infected tooth followed by the filling and sealing of the vacant root canal space, which results in a much lower risk for future infection. First infected or inflamed tissue is extracted from the root canals and then the space left by the root canal inside the tooth is meticulously cleaned and disinfected. Finally, he will shape the root canal, fill it with a hardening material, and seals the opening. Using advanced CEREC technology, we can commonly fit our patients with a protective restoration the day of their root canal. This dental crown that “caps” your tooth to prevent fracture and restore near-normal function and aesthetics.

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