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You Can Overcome Dental Anxiety

You know about the importance of regular dental visits, but if a dental phobia is keeping you from enjoying good oral health, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nicholas Shubin at our San Juan Capistrano, CA office. Sedation dentistry, especially IV sedation, is the perfect choice for those who experience overwhelming dental anxiety! With a wide range of sedation options, we know you’ll be able to enjoy completely relaxed and comfortable appointments. Don’t let your fear of the dentist stand in the way of your dental health! We understand the needs of people who fear the dentist and do our best to help you feel at ease with IV sedation while you receive your much needed dental treatment.

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How Does IV Sedation Calm Dental Anxiety?

Moderate IV sedation is one of the strongest and most customizable forms of conscious sedation we offer and holds the most benefits for patients suffering from dental anxiety or fear. IV sedation is ideal for providing necessary pain and anxiety control, while producing the greatest level of amnesia once the procedure is complete. With IV sedation, you will feel completely relaxed about your appointment, will allow us to finish the necessary treatment in a short amount of time, and help you feel more safe and confident in your future visits with us! We are pleased to offer our patients many forms of sedation, in addition to IV sedation, to provide you with comfortable and relaxing appointments. 

Our Sedation Options:

Have More Questions About Sedation?

Just like it is helpful to be aware of where your dental anxiety comes from, it is good to have your questions about sedation answered so you can feel comfortable coming to your next appointment. Below is a list of the top questions we hear about sedation. If you still have questions or concerns, please contact our San Juan Capistrano, CA office today!

Sedation benefits patients with a wide variety of concerns, not just those with dental anxiety or paralyzing phobias. Those with a low pain tolerance, a sensitive gag reflex, an inability to sit still for long periods, embarrassment about the condition of their teeth, or simply not much time to spare can all benefit from sedation. It is not unusual for us to see patients who have not been to the dentist in years and require extensive, complex treatment. With sedation, we can usually accomplish complete care and restoration in just one comfortable, anxiety-free visit.

Yes, sedation is highly safe when you receive it from Dr. Shubin and our staff. Throughout your visit our experienced clinical team will monitor your vital signs. You’ll receive compassionate, attentive care that will make you feel like you’re getting a spa treatment. The best part will come when you look in the mirror and see your healthy, happy smile.

Yes, Dr. Shubin has completed the required training and licensing to administer sedation in our San Juan Capistrano, CA office. He is an active member of both the American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists and the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation and remains up-to-date on advancements in safety, techniques, and technology. Dr. Shubin is also one of only 517 licensed dentists to perform moderate IV sedation out of 23,000 California dentists and is a California State Dental Board Examiner for moderate IV sedation.

There are varying degrees of sedation available and after a consultation, we will help you choose the one most appropriate for you. You will be conscious and responsive throughout the procedure, but will remain in a deeply relaxed state, so you won’t be nervous or fidgety. You’ll experience no discomfort or anxiety. You won’t be aware of sounds or smells around you, and you won’t remember any part of the treatment. When the procedure is complete, you’ll feel totally relaxed and you won’t remember a thing.

Depending on the condition of your teeth and the type of sedation, your sedation may last from two to six hours. Our highly-trained staff will focus only on you during your visit. There’ll be nothing to interrupt or interfere with your treatment, which is why we can usually treat even the most serious cases in just one visit.

If you are receiving oral or IV sedation, someone must accompany you to and from our office. Although you’ll feel completely refreshed when the procedure is over, you’ll still be under the effects of sedation.

Are you suffering from dental anxiety or fear? We can help!

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