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Hybridge® Implants—Designed for Life

Is tooth loss affecting your self-confidence, quality of speech, and ability to eat a variety of foods? Living with multiple tooth loss is cause for concern, especially with how tooth loss impacts the health of your mouth. As one of the best solutions for replacing missing teeth, we offer Hybridge® full arch dental implants. When you select Hybridge from Dr. Nicholas Shubin, our board-certified implant specialist, you can feel confident in your appearance and in the security that this permanent solution provides!

Hybridge full arch dental implants return you to a state of total confidence in yourself and your smile, giving you the function and oral health comparable to having a full set of natural teeth. With the surgical and restorative expertise of Dr. Shubin, Hybridge full arch dental implants truly are a solution designed for life!

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One Restoration. A Lifetime of Natural Function
and Beauty.

Hybridge full arch dental implants provide a lifetime of natural beauty and function. You will never have to worry about your denture slipping while you speak or eat, or needing to remove and clean it each night! One of the best solutions for failing dentitions, Hybridge full arch dental implants are able to restore a full arch of missing teeth in as little as 4 weeks! With full support from dental implants, your full-arch of replacement teeth will look completely natural and stunningly beautiful. Dr. Shubin has been placing dental implants since 1992 and has over 30 years of cosmetic dentistry expertise. Along with decades of advanced training and continuing education, Dr. Shubin is the superior choice for your comprehensive implant treatment. From the familiarity and convenience of our San Juan Capistrano, CA office, Dr. Shubin completes all aspects of your Hybridge full arch dental implants treatment, including tooth extractions and bone grafting.  

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Hybridge Full Arch

replacements offer patients a significant reduction in cost & time

Custom. Permanent. Aesthetic. Hybridge.

Dr. Shubin has perfected a streamlined and predictable treatment process for patients receiving Hybridge full arch dental implants. First, we will perform any necessary extractions, removing severely decayed or diseased teeth. In most cases, implants can be placed on the same day as any extractions. Next, we numb the treatment site with local anesthetic and surgically place the dental implants, using guided implant placement to help ensure the implants are placed in the most strategic locations and at the best angles. We provide additional forms of sedation to help you relax and incorporate stem cell therapy to help accelerate the healing process. A temporary prosthesis is attached the day of implant surgery and you will walk out of our office with brand new, functional teeth! Unlike other implant-supported options, you can receive your final and permanent in as little as two weeks with Hybridge full arch dental implants. Implant-supported restorations come with many benefits, including:

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