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Personalized Care for Great Oral Health

We are pleased to have the experience and training to provide a wide range of dental services at our San Juan Capistrano, CA office. From dental cleanings to dentures, our additional dental services cover oral health concerns and treatments all in the convenience of a single location. Dr. Nicholas Shubin has over thirty years of experience in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, and is trained in all the additional dental services we offer. If you need a new general dentist, are looking for more complex restorative care, or simply want a cosmetic smile makeover, we have the experience and resources to help you achieve great oral health. Contact our office today and receive all the personalized additional dental services your smile deserves to be healthy and beautiful!

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Our Additional Dental Services

Proactive services and treatments to avoid cavities and disease.

Tooth-colored dental fillings to aesthetically restore teeth after cavities.

Tooth-colored fillings that fit inside teeth or restore shape to tooth cusps.

Services and treatments aimed at keeping primary (baby) teeth healthy.

Removing the folds of tissue that restrict movement of the tongue and upper lip.

Evaluation of the inside of the mouth for suspicious changes of the soft tissue.

Removal of gum tissue around teeth to fix a “gummy” smile or treat decay.

Adding gum tissue to teeth where gum recession has caused root exposure.

Adjusting the surface of teeth by removing enamel to restore bite harmony.

Custom mouthguards to keep teeth from touching to reduce stress and damage.

Metal bracket-and-wire orthodontics to straight a wide range of malocclusion.

False teeth custom designed to fit comfortably, look attractive, and function.

Care for severe tooth pain, knocked out or dislodged teeth, broken crowns, etc.

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